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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New (to me) discount store

I have noticed this store on my drive into the daycare. It's right south of Troy on the westside of Meridian. It's in a little tiny shopping center. It's called "Penny Pinchers." The store is only open from 11-7 Wednesday through Friday and 9-5 on Saturdays. They only sell non-perishable items and they don't accept coupons. They do, however, accept credit cards.

Here are some ideas on their prices:

Folgers coffee: $5.50
Campbell soups: 2/$1
Canned corn: 4/ $1
24 pack of water: $2.50
Hershey's chocolate syrup (big bottle): $1.50
Pace Salsa (big jar): $1.50

So some great deals and some ok deals. This would be the place to buy the items you don't have coupons for. The lady said that they currently had all of their baby items marked 25% off, including formula and diapers. This would make some of the formula $7 a can.

So stop in and check it out!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

$25 closer to Disney in 2012!

Since we had so much fun at Disney World 2 weeks ago, we will be returning over spring break 2012. I was browsing through the "swag store" at and noticed that they had the $25 Disney gift cards marked down to 2,950 points from 6,000 points. So I swagged one! I don't quite have enough for another yet! My goal is to pay for all of our souvenirs through the use of these gift cards.

I belong to two other sites. The first is called Quick Rewards. This site take a little more effort. I participate in every survey that they email me. In 3 weeks, I've managed to earn $12.00 so far. I'm on my way to another $25 gift card! The second is Mypoints. For this site, I read all the emails they send out (normally for 5 points if you click on the link) and also complete all the surveys (which range in points from 10-75). I just emailed them to see if they could add a Disney gift card to their rewards section. If they do, I have enough points for a $50 gift card from there! I'll keep you updated on if they add it.

You can earn points faster on all of these sites by doing your online shopping through them as well. We rarely buy anything online, so I don't use this feature. I have noticed that Mypoints will add my ebay purchases automatically though.

If Mypoints adds the Disney giftcard, I will have $100 toward my next Disney trip!