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Friday, August 21, 2009

My $3.00 Kmart Trip

4 small servings of Dinty Moore Beef Stew
4 Hormel Dinners
4 Easy Mac
4 Beggin Strips
2 oreo Double Stuff
2 Oreo -original
2 Oreo cakesters
4 Birdseye Corn
2 Birdseye Mixed Veggies
1 Birdseye Green Beans
4 A1 Steak sauce
4 A1 Marindate
2 French's chili seasoning
2 French's brown gravy
2 French's fajita seasoning
7 French's Taco seasoning
2 packs of M&M's fun size
2 boxes of pancake mix
2 boxes of Cinnabon Bars
12 boxes of Mac and Cheese

I got all of this for $3.00!


  1. Wow! I am assuming you have a Super kmart? You did great! I remember the days when Meijer did super double coupons- they only doubled $1 coupons up to $2 and I would get so much food/hba for so little. I lived in the store those weeks(or at least it felt that way, lol!).

  2. We do have a Super Kmart. My husband loves it when they do their doubles. My pantry and freezer are always full of goodies as he puts it.