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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jack has a big boy bed!!!!

Jack has never had a room of his own. I feel safer with him downstairs in my bedroom. Well we decided about a year ago that he needed a toddler bed. So we found a great deal on Craigslist and bought him a toddler bed. He slept in it a total of 3 times, maybe. He was too "big" for his crib and preferred to only sleep in mommy and daddy's bed. And we let him, well daddy let him.

Once I would be ready to go to bed, Jack and Daddy took up too much of the full-size bed we have. So I resorted to sleeping on the couch. Well this past week, I worked on getting his crib down (yes it was still up) and getting the toddler bed out of the room. I bought him a very beautiful daybed (another Craigslist find) and a new mattress. Well after all of that was done, I decided I wanted a new armoire (so to Craigslist I went). I found a very beautiful armoire (that took 2 hours to load in my car) for $75! Major Score!!! It holds all of mommy and daddy's clothes! Every single thing! I also got rid of Mia's dresser. She needed something bigger then a lingerie chest.

It's been a very full week of moving furniture and cleaning. I wish I was done. We've already made 1 Goodwill run and I still need to go through one closet. Jack fell asleep within 2 minutes in his "big boy bed." No fighting. No Screaming. MOMMY WINS!!!!....

Or so I thought..... I went to climb into MY bed and Mia started crying. I picked her up and decided to put her in bed with me. Well daddy ended up taking up 2/3 of the bed. So with Mia and I in there, I couldn't fit. So I left them in MY bed and retreated back to the couch.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get to sleep in MY bed...

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