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Thursday, March 3, 2011

I finally found the PERFECT juice box holder!

A friend of mine has 2 of these for her kids.  I was completely jealous and remembered that I had some as a kid.  I called my mom and she could only find 1 of them.  Not bad for being 20 years later.  So I started stalking Goodwill and Ebay.  I just found these....

Dwink Juice Box Holder Orange

You can put any type of juice box in them and they all will fit!  Every single brand!  If the box is skinny, just turn it.  These are really durable!  Jackson is coming up with all kinds of reasons to have juice boxes now.  Mia doesn't squeeze her Capri Sun and get herself soaking wet in the car.  I'm SO LOVING these!!!!   The Dwink Juice Box Holder Orange is currently $5.99 on Amazon.  It is only $.97 to ship it.  I'm beginning to think that 2 won't be enough. 

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